Rogue Lobster jewellery is playful yet elegant, combining the ridiculous with the sublime.

Lobsters are traditionally seen to symbolise strength, protection and regeneration, and to represent individuality and luxury. Add to these qualities a touch of mischief, and you have a Rogue Lobster!

Predominantly using recycled, fine silver with semi-precious stones, Rogue Lobster creates jewellery that is playful, fun to wear and most importantly will bring a smile to your face.


All jewellery is lovingly handcrafted by Alexandra Hearn, a British designer with a love of giant marauding crustaceans.  Using modern metal clay techniques as well as traditional silversmithing, Alexandra designs and creates the whimsical Rogue Lobster jewellery from her workshop in York.


Each piece is carefully made by hand- every item of jewellery is unique. So as well as knowing there is no-one out there with an identical piece to yours, this means you can also get your own creative hat on.


If you see something that you like but want to add your own twist; if you want matching earrings to go with a necklace; emerald beads instead of rubies; a right lobster claw instead of a left; or if you want an entirely new piece individually designed for you- then please do get in touch. Rogue Lobster is about being innovative and Alexandra relishes a challenge!

Jewellery weighing 7.78g and over is hallmarked and stamped with my own makers mark. Smaller pieces can be hallmarked on request.


Shop: www.roguelobstershop.etsy.com 

Tel: 07922486615  Email: alexandrahearn@roguelobster.co.uk